Quality Concrete Supplies and Accessories When You Need Them

Don’t let searches for concrete supplies and accessories slow down your construction job. Graestone works with Central Concrete Accessories to provide you with a great selection of concrete building supplies and accessories so you can get what you need and get on your way.

We have anchor bolts, forming ties/clamps, stand concrete releases, coloured concrete, sono tubes, sealers, vertical and horizontal retarders, expansion joints and so much more.

Let our team of concrete experts help sort out what you need. Email us at info@graestone.com or call us at 604-888-1415.

Did You Know We Also Carry The Following Items?


Air Plus & Air Minus
Air Entraining Products
Fibers 3/4" Monofilament Fibers
Shark Grip

Cementitious Products

  Bagged Products - Regular Concrete, PSI 6000, Traffic Patch, WunderFixx, 3/8" Pea Gravel, Cement
Non Shrink / Expanding Grout
Patching, Sacking, Supa Fine, Spackle, Slab & Panel Patch and Bond & Patch


  Muriatic Acid
Retarders Horizontal - "F" Spray Vertical - "V" Spray
Rizzolve - Sealer Re-Emulsifier


Eco Kleen - Vehicle Wash Soap
EnviroClean - Multipurpose Cleane
Metal Guard Truck Wash
Speedy Clean - Concrete Dissolver

Decorative Products

  Acid Stains - Available in a variety of different colors
Color Hardners - Available in a variety of different colors
Integral Color - 5Lbs & 25Lbs Sacks - Available in a variety of different colors
Miracote Decorative Finishes
Proline EZ Accent - Enviromentally Friendly Concrete Stains
Proline EZ Tique - Enviromentally Friendly Release Powder Alternative
Release Powders
Release Liquid - Mirastamp and Proline Liquid Release

Drainage Products

  Drain Board - Delta Drain (4Ft & 8 Ft. x 50Ft)
Mini Channel - Polyolefin Drainage System
Speedy Channel Drainage System

Forming Supplies

  Anchor Bolts - 1/2" x 8", 5/8" x 8" 5/8" x 10" 50 / bag
Coil Rod 50 mm - (1/2") 75 mm (3/4") 100 mm (1") 12 Ft / Le
Coil Nuts 50 mm - (1/2") 75 mm (3/4") 100 mm (1")
Expansion JointBundles of 10' x 10pcs - (100 Lineal Feet) 3", 4'' 5", 6", 8"
Curb & Gutter Rollover & High Back (C4 & C5)
Form Aligner Braces
Forming Hardware - Various Different Items
Form Oil - Enviromentally Friendly Mineral Base 18.9L Pail, 205L Drum, 1040L Tote
Enviromentally Safe Vegetable Oil Base 18.9L Pail, 205L Drum
Forming Stakes - 3/4" x 18" Long 7/8" x 24" Long 7/8" x 30" Long
Loop Ties - 150 mm (6") 200 mm (8") Bundles of 2500 pcs
Post Saddles
Rebar - 50 mm (1/2") 75 mm (3/4") 100 mm (1")10, 12 or 20 ft Lengths
Single Waler Brackets and Wedges
Snap Ties - Plastic Cone
Blindwall Ties - Various sizes
Sonotube - 6" dia to 60" dia 8ft long to 24 ft long
Stayform - Leave in place concrete forming system
Taper Bolts
Taper Ties
Tie Wire - 9 Gauge & 16 Gauge
Wire Mesh - 10 Gauge 6" x 6" Square Pattern
Wing Nuts (Extra Large Wing)
White Grease
ZipStrip - 3.05 M Lengths 152.4 M / Box (10ft - 500 ft/box)

Hand Tools

  Goldblatt, Kraft or Marshalltown Hand Tools
Midwest Rake Flooring Products
Wheelbarrows - Erie 1035 & 1038 - 170 Cu L. (6Cu Ft) Contractors Grade

Power Tools

  Concrete Vibrators - Accessories such as whips & heads also available
Concrete Mixers - Available with an Electric or Gas Motor
Power Screed - Honda Motor Available with a 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, or 12ft board
Power Trowel - Honda Motor Available in Float Blades, Finish Blades, Combo Blades and Pans
Walk Behind Concrete Slab Saws - Honda Motor

Repair Products

  Self Level - Underlayment, Feather Finish, Self Level Topping, Concrete Resurfacer
Primers & Adhesives
Miracote - Repair Mortar III

Safety Supplies

  Dust Masks
Hard Hats
Safety Glasses
Ear Plugs
Hi-Vis Safety Wear
Rain Gear

Sealers & Epoxies

  Acrylic Cure & Seal
Acrylic Sealers
Water Based Sealers

Stamping Supplies

  Rental Mats - Various Different Styles & Patterns
Rental Tampers - 16" x 16" with Fiberglass Handle

Testing Equipment

  Rechargable Concrete Vibrator for Testing
Test Cylinders - with Lids (36 / box)


  Backer Rod
Clear Poly - Light 10' x 150', Medium 10' & 20' x 100', Heavy 10' & 20' x 100', UV Stable 10' & 20' x 100'
Curing Blankets - Thermal Insulated Concrete Blankets
Waterstop - Bentonite Waterstop Bentonite Waterstop Adhe PVC Waterstop

Miscellaneous Products

  Adhesive & Flagging Tapes
Spray Paints - Regular & Upside Down
Chapin Sprayers
Measuring Tape & Wheels
Demolition Tools
Tapes, Tuck Tape, Duct Tape, Green Tape, Caution Tape
Grinding Tool
Paint Rollers & Supplies
Irrigation Tools & Materials
Handles for your Tools
Burlap for Wet Curing Concrete
Shovels, Rakes & Concrete Rakes
Contractor Grade (Crush Proof) Hose
Contractor Grade Jet Nozzle Sprayers
Rental Equipment - Various Different Products
Saw Blades - Various Different Sizes, Uses & Quality Levels
Water Sprinklers for Wet Curing Concrete